Project Name: XemGia.NET
Date/Year: 2018
#ecommerce #xemgianet

XemGia.NET is a tracking system, it'll automatically track the product price from many different E-Commerce systems in Vietnam (ex: Tiki, Shopee,...)

That's not all, all the prices that tracked will be showed up and let you see all the price's flow, so you can decide to buy or wait the product or not.

One of my proudest PET Project :D.


  • HMVC
  • Simple Microservice system


  • Automatically track the price of the products
  • Users are able to view all the prices of the product in a Chart (Line Chart)
  • Users can submit the product that they want our system to track.
  • Users can subscribe to receive the notify if the product's price is changed.
  • Users can comment on the product page.
  • ... (More and more to come)

View it live: https://www.xemgia.net

Have fun.

Phat T.M