Let me tell you something about me

For every project: "If I'm in this, I'm in this 100%"


I'm Phat Tran aka Seth Phat.

I'm a Full-Stack Developer, prefers:

  • Back-end: PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter,...), SQL (MySQL, MariaDB,...).
  • Front-end: JS (ES5, ES6), VueJS (Vue, Vuex, Vue-Router), AngularJS, Bootstrap (3, 4), HTML/CSS.
  • Testing: Puppeteer, PHPUnit.
  • Dev tools: Webpack, PHPStorm, WebStorm, Ampps, LAMP.
  • Server: Linux (Centos, Ubuntu).

Who love coding, love dealing with many complex Business Logic, Workflow or Process, love solving problems and challenges? Well, obviously that's me. And I love what I'm doing, with a good enthusiasm. 

For every project that I joined, I always say: "If I'm in this, I'm in this 100%", always give my best for any projects.